What can be more important for the customer than design, color and price of the outerwear? Of course, it’s the way how a new coat or jacket will keep him/her warm. As a filler and insulation material we use hollowfiber.

Hollowfiber is 100% polyester of hollow structure made according to innovative technology. This ecologically clean and nontoxic material has unique insulation and ventilation properties, does not absorb liquid and smell, is non-allergic and flame-proof. Hollowfiber is easy to wash and keeps its shape perfectly for a long time.

Outerwear should be not only warm, but also practical. Making our clothes we mostly use polyester fibers which are waterproof, flameproof and wear-resistant. We also use natural fabrics (for example, cotton).

The variety of colors will surprise you. Now bright colors are in fashion, they perfectly suit modern women and men. Chameleon-fibers will underline your individuality and style.