For the production of our clothing we use such modern fabrics as polyester and thinsulate.

Polyester fabric (polyester) is durable, water-resisting, with high color retention. You can easy wash the items of this fabric in washer — they will keep the shape for sure.

Polyester fabrics have the widest range of colors: from light pastel shades to splendid bright colors. We also use chameleon fabrics for production of our clothes, they always look gorgeous.

We use "space" fabric — thinsulate — for insulation (it was designed for thermal insulation of space suits):

  • Today it is the most effective insulation according to "warmth-weight" and "warmth-thickness" characteristics: it is very light, but keeps warmth even at −60o. It is also "breathing" material — the moisture produced by the body easily evaporates.
  • It is very practical: it gets dry quickly, keeps its shape and quality even after several washings.
  • It is easy to make beautiful and comfortable clothes of this fabric: it fits well and let you move freely — thanks to the fact that thinsulate is thin and light. Who told that warm clothes should be big? Using modern technologies you can look great even when it’s freezing hard.